Interbank Market News Scan: Federal funds, Treasury note, foreign exchange, and bitcoin data as of 8:15 am EST

30-Day Fed Funds Futures and Options (ZQV3): 95.205

Source: CME Group

Effective Federal Funds Rate: 5.08%

Federal Funds Target Range: 5.00% to 5.25%

Discount Window Rate: 5.25%

Interest on Reserve Balances: 5.15%

Source: Board of Governors-Federal Reserve System

U.S. Ten-year Treasurys: 3.392

Source: MarketWatch

BTC/USD: Broker bid: 27718.6, Broker ask: 27765.6

GBP/USD: Broker bid: 1.26244, Broker ask: 1.26263.

USD/CAD: Broker bid: 1.33782, Broker ask: 1.33801

EUR/USD: Broker bid: 1.09715, Broker ask: 1.09731

Source: OANDA