Interbank Market News Scan: As the money supply falls, asset values fall as well…

The few that control financial and natural resources are as much afraid of uncertainty as you or I. Quelling uncertainty requires a model for managing expectations and in a credit-driven political economy that means determining before-hand where interest rates and yields should end up.

The Interbank Market News Scan: I expect the euro to continue dropping throughout the day… 8:45 AM EST

Looming in the background is the negative impact a slowed down economy will have on the Biden Administration and to a lesser extent the incumbents in the Congress. As the Biden Administration and the Congress negotiate the debt ceiling, there is the threat that fiscal policy in the form of higher taxes may be offered up as a way to shore up lacking tax revenue. This will also put a crimp on household and business spending.

Interbank market news scan: Most of us are digital serfs. Some of us will learn to trade.

The upside for the “knowledge worker” is that if she plays her cards right, she can go from being a digital version of a tenant farmer and trade her own coin. She has the research ability and given the digital tools that she likely helped develop, she can identify opportunities for trade and actively enter the markets. This is why I shed no tears about engineers being laid off from Facebook, Google, or Twitter. You have the digital skills and the severance pay to become traders.